Photorealist Art, featuring Wildlife of the World


Since my youngest days, my love for animals has always been of paramount importance to

me.  From our household pets, to the creatures of the wild, photos and videos have invitably

caught my immediate attention.  It came as no surprise, then, when I made the commitment to

create a series of large scenic pastel images, showing Wildlife, in their native environments.


In a genre of art, topheavy with distinguished Wildlife artists, my dream to have these works

widely seen and shared, may appear foolish.  But, this was a choice that simply made itself,

as something I knew I'd love doing, and enjoyed for my own viewing, if nothing more. Until,

and unless, I am able to obtain the representaion of leading US galleries, additions to this

series are continuing, but as rime and circumstance permit.


wolves_art bald_eagle_art bobcat_art buck_art fawn_art grizzley_art lion_with_cub_01_art lion_with_cub_02_art longhorns_art mountain_lion_art white-wolf

please, contact me for addtional information, and questions that you may have


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