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These few Western Art portraits represent a log-held passion, for the classic, Western films we've come to enjoy. I hope to find a market for the recognizeable movies and their stars, but as of yet, have failed to make contact with the licensing entities of any of the associated film studios. I have been contacted by the John Wayne properties licensing company, and hope to be able to offer signed and numbered, limited edition prints of any of the Western Art portraits shown on this page.  They are shown in order to demonstrate my growth as an artist, and my ability to capture your own treasured photos, at their very best. Legal licensing awaits...   :-)


For the most part, this page displays samples of my Western Film Art.  You may also note two portraits of not-so-recognizable "Cowpokes"... stars in their own minds, I'm sure.   :-)  These two individuals are active participants of a Nationwide shooting association of persons, called SASS (The Single Action Shooting Society). It was organized to please the tastes of all who enjoy weaponry, and who not only savor a good weekend of shooting, but find it adds to the fun and associations, to dress the "Olde West" part. 




Western Art portrait of JohnWayne and Ward Bond, from "The Searchers"

This is not the original sky in this scene of "The Searchers". In my Western Art portraits, I love the "dramatic", so I added my own touch, as is the case of the Indian Lance,added in my portrait, for effect. Ward Bond and John  Wayne always enjoyed playing in movies together, and they were both at their very best in this Western epic.


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Western Painting of John Wayne, as "Rooster Cogburn"

John Wayne had been an established star for many years, including Western films, when he made "Rooster Cogburn", in 1975. It followed his classic, "True Grit". He played no roll better than the tough-minded, "don't tangle with me", town marshall.


Western Art showing Jeff Daniels in the famous, "True Grit" role played by John Wayne

Jeff Daniels did a very creditable job in the John Wayne role! As his personal concession to The Duke, he opted to waer the patch over the opposite eye. As my personal touch, instead of the scenery in the remake, I added an element of Monument Valley, always one of John Wayne's favorite places to shoot films.


Clint Eastwood Art, as "The Outlaw Josey Wales"

"The Outlaw Josey Wales" wasn't Clint Eastwood's introduction to Italian film making, but is probablty the one for which he is best known. Those of you who are old enough, may remember him as "Rowdy Yates" in The great TV series, "Rawhide".


Fine Art Portrait of Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman

TriStar pictures trotted out the big, box office "guns" in this instant classic. Gene Hackman, Sharon Stone, Russell Crowe, and starred in the 1995 Western film, "The Quick and The Dead". Sharon Stone shoiws that the Ladies can handle their own with a shootng iron!


Western Art: "3:10 To Youma", featuring Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, and Peter Fonda, from the reprise of "3:10 To Yuma"

The original film, "3:10 To Yuma", is a tough classic to match, starring the great Glenn Ford. The 2007 remake, brought out some big, Hollywood guns, Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, and Peter Fonda. It has a lot of Western film entertainment value, in a battle of wills in which the lines between good guys and bad guys sometimes blur.


Western Art Portrait of a member of SASS, you can be a buckaroo too

This is Florida SASS member, "Major Augustus Steele".  This gentleman hasn't ever seen this Western Art portrait. I chose to do a portrait because he has such a powrful bearing, much like we choose to think of the Land Baron's of the West.  Although the source photo had a different background, it posed no problem foe me to illustrate him in front of what I designed to resemble a ranch gate.


SASS Member "Silver Buck Chuck"

This is SASS member, "Silver Buck Chuck". Chuck and I worked closely together on this period piece. We began with a set of photos taken in  his back yard, and piece by piece selected items to fit the concept of making him look like an old west, town Marshall.  For a series of "how it was done" images, check out this page.

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