I Paint & Critique Pet Portraits

Before I get into why I created this site and what it entails, I want to share some information about myself. My name is Brian Smith and this is my blog. If you’re a fan of animals and painting, then we’ve got something in common. I’m an artist (yes, I paint) and I specialize in creating pet portraits.

Additionally, I’m a HUGE fan of pet portrait work. That’s exactly why I’ve decided to share some of the best pet portrait artwork that I’ve ever come across with you. There are so many artists out there that create amazing work and I’m here to share all the art I come across.

If you’re an artist and you’re creating pet portraits, then I want to feature you on my site. I love interviewing all types of artists creating dog portraits and many portraits of other types of animals.

But before I get into all that, I want to share something with you. This website was originally owned and maintained by a fellow pet portrait artist named Dale Lewis. I recently took over this site and given all the effort that he put into creating and maintaining the site over the years, I’ve decided to showcase some of his work.

Please note: I paint in a more modern style than Dale Lewis as I live in Miami, FL, and the artwork is far more modern and contemporary, but out of respect for the original artist I’ve decided to showcase his work and his original page here.

// This next section is dedicated to Dale Lewis: 

Why I Started My Pet Portraits Site

I want to remind you that I’m an artist myself and I spend lots of time in front of an easel.

This site began offering “Pet Portraits,” including kitties and horses, about 10 years ago.

Since then, I feel that I have matured enormously, as a pet artist. My first Love is and always has been animals. Each and every pet portrait that I am asked to do will receive the utmost care and attention.

Through these pet artworks, I hope to add a touch of beauty, and loving remembrance, to each and every home in which they are displayed. Its also my hope to meet new friends, who share my Love for the pets who make our lives so much richer.

dale lewis dog pet portraits
Copyright: Dale Lewis Art

You will also note, that I offer portraits of people (as well as people with their pets). Don’t
be shy about asking for a portrait of family members with your pets… at NO EXTRA COST!

The piece above is an original portrait of a young lad, resting with his Pekingese companion.

During the lulls between commissioned portraits, I began creating a series of large (about 24″ x 36″) Wildlife Art scenes. At present, I will be concentrating on North American animals. My purpose, in posting a few samples of those pastels, is to demonstrate a broad range of art skills, and offer evidence that no subject will be found to be too difficult.

dale lewis wildlife artwork
Dale Lewis Artwork

An often hidden, extra expense… and nuisance… is that of having your portrait framed before you can hang it. With my background as a custom framer, I can now offer framing, at virtually no extra expense! Your portrait will arrive framed in an attractive, solid wood frame, accented by custom-cut, double mats, glass, and professionally finished with hangers and wire, and a stretched, brown paper cover sheet. You can hang your portrait,
right from the box!

dale lewis framed artwork
Copyright: Dale Lewis

End dedication section to Dale Lewis //

Famous Pet Portrait Artists

As previously mentioned, the work showcased here on this page was done by Dale Lewis, not me, Brian Smith. However, I thoroughly enjoy creating artwork featuring pets as well. There are some artists out there that do the same type of work that I do.  I’ll be showcasing some artists right and their pet portraits right here on the site. Please be sure to check back for more artist information.

Full disclosure: the artists featured are not artists that I necessarily collect nor are they artists that I think are the best of the best. I’m simply sharing works of art and information on each of the artists because they create pet artwork. All you have to do is take a look at the blog posts that I’ve done and you’ll find lots of works!