Are My Portraits "Paintings"

I worked in oils and acrylics, until about 20 years ago, when a chance Christmas gift from my Mom... a set of pastel pencils... precipitated a major change of media.  Once I begain to experience pastel's sheer brilliance of color, and the extent to which fine detail can be rendered, I was hooked! 


Every pet portrait is also  "dry mounted",  to foam-core board, at no extra cost. This assures that your portrait will remain perfectly flat, permanently. Dry mounting is crucial to the appearance of art done on paper, to avoid the curling and "puckering" which is characteristic of paper prints and originals. I do it as a service to my customers.


What Will Your Portrait Cost

My pet portraits average about 16" x 20" (about 20" x 24" when matted and framed).  To spare you the often high cost of framing, locally, my price includes full, custom framing, featuring custom triple mats, glass, and a beautiful, solid wood frame! I worked as a custom framer, for a good many years, and I use those acquired skills to save my customers added effort and costs. Your portrait will arrive "ready-to-hang"! All of this, including shipping, costs only $275!!!


For those whose preferences are for smaller portraits, let me know what your needs are, and we'll talk. Because the creation of very fine detail is more difficult, your savings will not be great. But, if your home is already  decorated with smaller art, I can accomadate.


Finally, there is this to consider:

Not a penny of deposit is required; you only pay when you have the finished portrait in

your hands, and can see the work I've done for you!


How Long Will It Take

On average, it will require only two to three weeks, for you to receive your custom art portrait.  I do address special occasions, gift giving more quickly, if and when required.  You're not looking at a wait of several months!


Your Part In the Process

If you decide, after having me answer your questions by email, that you'd care to have a pet portrait done, the next step is to gather your best photos together, and attach them to an email.  (I can also scan photos for you, if you care to mail them to me) Don't be shy about asking questions, before you agree to proceed! This is a shared process, beginning to end.


Also, start thinking about the kind of background you'd like.  When I prepare the best reference image I can, using your photos, I can replace the background completely, with a beautiful scene, or with a neutral, photo "studio" kind of look. 

Sample image of a Chihuahua, showing the original photo, and the completed portrait.


Its also possible to combine, pets and people from several, different photos, into one portrait, as in this portrait, composed of five individual photos from the customer.


Pastel portrait of five kitties, composed from five separate photos.





Now, at your leisure, you are invited to check out three pages, showing samples of my pet portraits.

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Page Three, Samples of Dog Pet Portraits



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