Reasons I Love Paintings With Pets

Let’s face it, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to artwork today. I’m from the Miami, FL area and given that it’s such a trendy and heavily populated area it means that there is more artwork than one knows what to do with here. I gravitated towards pieces featuring all types of animals and in various styles. As a kid, I always had a fond love for all animals and every pet that I had was one that I cherished.

For some reason, as time progressed I ended up gravitating towards hanging around people heavily connected with the art scene down here. As you know, Miami artwork is typically more trendy, modern, and more contemporary than in most places. Well, New York City might be the only other city that showcases modern and trendy artwork more than here.

As I began creating artwork I found myself incorporating pets into each of my pieces. Some were traditional pieces that consisted of just my dog or cat. I soon began giving each piece a modern spin to them, and soon enough I was being recognized for doing just that. In addition to doing that, I ended up writing blog posts on some of the best pet portraits that I came across, sharing what I like and disliked about the pieces. Soon enough, I noticed that I was spending more time critiquing various types of artwork, not just pet portraits.

Reasons I Love Creating Pet Centric Artwork

There are some simple reasons why I really enjoy creating pet paintings and other pieces featuring animals. I’m going to keep things simple but provide a few reason why now.

They’re Not Praised Enough

I think that people out there do love their pets but from a totality perspective, they’re just not praised enough. Lots of people neglect them and because they do so, I’ve decided to pick up the slack for them and praise them. Fun fact, my favorite type of dog is the Weimaraner because of its beautiful coat and stoic stance.

They’re Beautiful

There are so many beautiful animals out there that have great personalities and given that their lifespan is often much shorter than ours, I like to capture them as a way to remember them. I’ve had some amazing dogs that have had the most beautiful personalities that you can even imagine.

Animals Don’t Disappoint

What can I say, I like the fact that animals rarely disappoint us. There are lots of people out in this world that disappoint us on a daily basis. Pets tend to work effortlessly to impress us and just obtain our love, affection, and attention. I love that quality about them.

I Don’t Get Tired Of It

One of the main reasons why I paint these pet paintings is that I simply do not get tired of doing so. I don’t create art just for the hell of it. Instead, I create what I like to create and in the style that I like to paint. Given that it’s enjoyable, it makes it much easier to do every day.

Well, that’s why I love creating these portraits and paintings featuring various types of animals…now you know!