Hello, my name is Brian Rubin and I’m a local artist living in the Miami, FL area. Well, I actually do a lot of things these days, but my main source of income is creating original artwork and blogging about art. I’ve traveled all over the country to study some of the most unique styles that you can imagine. I recently purchased this site from an artist named Dale Lewis. He’s an artist that formerly specialized in creating pet portraits like myself.

In terms of actually creating art, I focus on creating modern artwork which incorporates pets into each of the pieces. For that reason alone, I like to consider myself as being a “critique worthy” pet portrait artists.

Some people critique and paint nothing but graffiti-style street art. I, on the other hand, have decided to focus on pet portraits for the most part but I create many types of artwork which encompasses the use of art.

A few other things that you need to know about me and my work…

I’m a huge advocate for animal rights. Afterall, I incorporate animals into my artwork because I see the natural beauty in each and every animal.

I believe that all animals are created equal. What I mean by that is that most of the animals that exist in this world and worthy of painting. Reason being, they’re all unique just like their owners.

I have a small cat (that doesn’t seem to ever grow) and a dog. They both get along and my guess is that you’ll find them both disgustingly cute. I know I personally feel that way.

I’ll be creating works of art for purchase and as well as showcasing my artwork from other artists.

Keep coming back to check out the homepage for updates. I’ll be providing them frequently.