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This site began offering "Pet Portraits", including kitties and horses, about 10 years ago.  Since then, I feel that I have matured enormously, as an artist. My first Love is, and always has been, animals.


It may seem a trivial thing to say, but I hope through these works, to not only add a touch of beauty, and remembrance, to the homes in which they are displayed, but also to meet new friends, who share my Love for the creatures who make out lives so much richer.



In keeping with my enduring love of animals, last year, I began

creating a series of large(about 24" x 36") Wildlife Art scenes.

Although each of the wild animals is the focal point of

the portraits, I consider the landscape, itself, to be equally

important to the beauty of the original art.

At present, I will be concentrating on North American animals.


You will also note, that I also offer portraits of people (as well as

people with their pets). Don't be shy about asking for a portrait of

your Grandmother, Sister, or "significant other". In order

to demonstrate my ability to render a beautiful portrait for you, I

am also now showing a series of Movie Star Portraits, done

several years ago, as well as a new line of much larger, Western

Art and Cowboy Art portraits on which I'm presently working.



These pages of samples demonstrate my ability to accept commissions, to do portraits of family members

Movies are a passion of mine. These samples may help show my portrait ability, when it comes to doing "people".


A Love of Nature, and the beauty of our World lies within me. Please check out these Wildlife Art samples.


The earliest movies I recall, and loved seeing the most, are Western films. Take a look at my Western Art images.


Visit me on Facebook, and check out my latest art work

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