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This site began offering "Pet Portraits" about 10 years ago.  Since then, my portraits site is evolving in somewhat the same fashion as I have, as an Artist. My first Love is animals. I am the biggest nuisance on my daily walk, because I have to stop and greet every dog out walking his or her owner.  :-)

In keeping with my enduring love of animals, I decided, last year, to begin creating a series of large (about 24" x 36") Wildlife Art scenes. Although the animals which are featured, are the focal point of each portrait, you will note that the landscape, iteself, is just as central to the beauty of the picture. For the present, I will be concentrating on North Americal animals.

You will note, below, that I do also offer portraits of people (as well as people with their pets). Don't be shy about asking for a portrait of your Grandmother, Sister, or "significant other". In order to demonstrate my ability to render a beautiful portrait for you, I am also now featuring a series of Movie Star Portraits, done several years ago, as well as a new line of much larger, Western Art and Cowboy Art portraits on which I'm presently working.

It doesn't cost a cent to ask questions.  have never required an "advance" or pre-payment; the cost isn't discussed you have your Buddy's portrait, and are pleased with it. You will be invited to be a participant in the deveopment of the concept for your friend's portrait

...and, in case you're wondering, I happily accept the task of creating beautiful cat portraits and horse portraits!   :-)


These pages of samples demonstrate my ability to accept commissions, to do portraits of family members

Movies are a passion of mine. While I have not, yet, obtained licensing from any of the film studios to market these portraits, they do demonstrate my portraits ability... and, yes, I am accepting portraits of "people", not just pet portraits. Click above to visit this page.


It may relate to the bit of "Native American" blood I have in my heritage, but a Love of Nature lies within me. When I can combine that with my passion for the creatures of the world, I can see a future as a Wildlife Artist. Please check out these first, few samples.


The earliest movies I recall, and loved seeing the most, are Western films. John Wayne was making great films, in Monument Valley, and were a feast for the eyes. The John Wayne estates have contacted me, regarding licensing the sale of Limited Edition Prints. Take a look at my Western Art images.


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